lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011

Planning after the Opening - Mcdonald

Wonderboy Carlsen

New in Chess -Yearbook 84

Mastering the Modern Benoni and the Benko Gambit

Chess Tactics for Advanced Players

Take my Rooks - Minev & Seirawan

The Development of Chess Style

My Best Games - Korchnoi

Rook vs 2 Minor Pieces - Lund

attacking Chess - Josh Waitzkin

From London to Elista - Levitov & Bareev

Exploiting Small Advantages - Gufeld

Black is Ok Forever - Andras Adorjan

The Creepy Crawly Opening

miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

Smyslov's 125 Selected Games

Timman's Selected Games

Turning Advantage Into Victory in Chess

Reti's Best Games of Chess - Reti

Morphy's Games of Chess

The Games of Anatoly Karpov

Tactical Targets in Chess - IStvan Pongo

Winning with 1 c4 - Soltis

Survival Guide for Chess Parents

How to Choose a Chess Move - Soltis

Simple Chess - Michael Stean (Edición Algebraica)

Selected Chess Games of Mikhail Tal

Capablanca's Hundred Best Games of Chess

Alekhine's Block

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