viernes, 10 de febrero de 2012

Chessbase - The Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack

Opción 1: Parte 1 - Parte 2
Opción 2: Parte 1 - Parte 2
Opción 3: Parte 1 - Parte 2

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  1. Thanks a lot ya !! Can you release a english version of this blog ,, its pretty cool ... I am a chess coach in India , Chennai ..... ( I can recommend this blog to your students and i will share it with my chess friends . I will try to get you some cash that we can , for the work you had done with this blog !! Excellent congrats

  2. Thank you very much Vijay, because many people like you, have been asking to have an English version of this blog, I'm working on it, but let me tell you that we will be able to have this version ready until later this year because I am currently working on replacing all links the material to stay offline.
    We deeply appreciate your comments and especially your donation to continue this blog

  3. Hola los links no funcionan

  4. Siguen sin funcionar. ¿Es posible reactivarlos? Muchas gracias


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